China Experience

By Kate Downes July 17, 2014   This past April I was given the opportunity to travel across the world to observe and learn from expert Chinese medical doctors in the beautiful city of Hang Zhou, China. Along with eighteen students of acupuncture, I returned to...

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Stress and Infertility

  "All you need to do is relax!"   We all have heard this comment and know the frustration of wishing it were that easy!!  But is there something to it after all… and how can we take advantage of it?   Stress plays many roles in the body, and not all are bad. For...

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Diet and Your Fertility

You are doing all you can to help bring a little one into your lives, right? And you already know how important a healthy diet can be. But did you know that with just a few small changes to your diet you can make a big impact on your egg maturation and quality and...

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