My husband and I turned to IVF with donor egg when I was told that chemotherapy caused early menopause. Three rounds of IVF and 2 donors later we had suffered 2 very early miscarriages and one negative test. My fertility doctors were reluctant to allow a 4th cycle because they were perplexed by the 3 failures. Although I knew nothing about acupuncture, I readily agreed when my fertility doctor casually mentioned it. After my first visit with David, I knew that it would be well worth the 4 hour and 15 minute trip from my home to his office.

Many patients have described David’s bedside manner and knowledge in glowing terms, and it is all true. However what is often unsaid is that from the greeting at the door to the end of a session, the practice provides holistic treatment with a physical and psychological healing experience that I don’t believe you can get anywhere else.

I saw David once a week for the 10 weeks prior to my transfer. David treated any problem that I articulated to him including migraines, and menopausal symptoms including feelings of suffocation, nausea, and hot-flashes. The results of these treatments were dramatic and improved my mood and overall well-being almost immediately. David’s voice of reason and logic steadied my occasionally overactive brain during what would likely be my last attempt at IVF. I am happy to report to all hopefuls reading this, that I am 37 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins. There is no doubt in my mind that my treatment at IRA played a roll in the success of this transfer and in the continuance of this pregnancy to the safety of 37 weeks. I will forever be grateful to the staff at IRA for their professionalism and support.