The Plan Changed!

In August we had a 43 year old patient first come to us in preparation for an IVF cycle. The plan was to do a combination of acupuncture and massage for a few months to help improve her chance of success. Well, the plan changed a bit when she found out in October that...

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Can’t Believe it’s True

Just saw a patient who had her 3rd good ultrasound today showing 1 healthy baby! She came to us for acupuncture through her frozen IVF cycle. Despite 6 previous failed IUI cycles and a canceled IVF cycle everything is now going well and she was released to her OB/GYN....

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Just spoke to a wonderful patient who had her first child, a little girl, on Monday. (She went into labor on Labor Day) We had the pleasure to help her since she was just 11 weeks pregnant. Wishing her and her family the very best as they begin an exciting new chapter...

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