Fertility Massage

Since 1984, the Claire Marie Miller Fertility Massage has been used by thousands of women to help them conceive. This gentle yet effective massage protocol is tailored to fit you. Along with a relaxing castor oil pack, the massage may include Integrative Reflexology techniques, Cranial-Sacral holds, deep pelvic work and uterine realignment all designed to prepare your body for conception.

In addition to the benefits of stress reduction, it is believed that a fertility massage can help:

  • Increase blood flow and circulation to the uterine area
  • Break up pelvic adhesions
  • Aid the body in getting rid of toxins
  • Promote hormonal balance through reflexology techniques that stimulate the reproductive areas and endocrine glands


Whether you’re trying naturally or using assisted reproductive technologies, our certified fertility massage therapists can help guide you through the process.