I became pregnant after nearly four years of traditional medical infertility treatment including two rounds of IVF.  When my husband and I decided we would like to try for a second child, I became a patient of IRA with the hope that traditional medical intervention and all of the attendant stress, expense and hormone injections could be avoided.

From my first appointment at IRA, David’s deep knowledge of infertility issues and his skill in traditional Chinese medicine were readily apparent and I felt completely comfortable talking with him and his staff about a very personal and emotionally charged subject.  I found the atmosphere of IRA to be very positive and compassionate.  The holistic approach of IRA greatly enhanced my sense of well being during the months we were trying to conceive and I always left appointments with a sense of calm, relaxed peacefulness instead of the impatient anxiety I so often felt after traditional medical appointments.

On the fourth month of trying for a baby with the help of IRA, I became pregnant.  I do not believe this would have happened without the help of IRA.  I am extremely grateful to David and his staff for their support and assistance in helping us get pregnant in a natural way.  Although I am 20 weeks pregnant now, it is still difficult for me to grasp that we got pregnant without scientific intervention.

When trying for our first child, I felt I had to try to investigate ways of improving our chances of conceiving each cycle on my own.  This extra work only added to my already high level of stress.  We are extremely fortunate to have IRA as a resource in our community which makes the infertility life crisis so much easier to manage.  I firmly believe the anguish and depression I experienced during the nearly four years we tried to get pregnant with our first child could have been avoided or greatly alleviated had I been at patient of IRA at that time.

– J.M., Indianapolis
Portrait by Little Dreamers Studio