I had been trying to conceive for 4 years and went through 4 miscarriages before coming to IRA. I had heard about IRA through a number of friends over the years and I viewed it as another avenue that I had not yet pursued. On my second round of IUI fertility treatment, I went into IRA with an open mind, craving a more natural path to balance out the fertility clinic and non-natural medications and treatments that I had been undergoing. After my first visit I knew I had made the right choice and since then I have remained grateful for that dedicated time to focus on myself and even more grateful for the support and encouragement that the IRA team offers. The treatments have certainly helped me, both mind and body, and I am now 9 weeks away from expecting a healthy baby girl. Seeking out acupuncture as a way to work through infertility and pregnancy was one of the best decisions I could have ever made and I highly recommend it to anyone who is on that same journey.