My husband and I could not be more pleased with the results from our acupuncture visit with David Youran.  After our baby’s due date had passed, and being 41 1/2 weeks pregnant, our hospital was urging us to medically induce labor.  Wanting so badly to have a natural labor, we were more than willing to explore alternatives to avoiding induction; including acupuncture, which we had never tried before.  We had heard positive things about this natural process from others, but were still unsure if it would actually work for us; and if it would work within one visit or if we would need more.  With 42 weeks fast approaching, time was of the essence in order to achieve a natural birth.  Sure enough, a day and half after my first session with David, my water broke and I delivered a happy and healthy baby boy 5 hours later!  David was wonderful and pleasant to work with and made my first acupuncture experience very calming and stress-free.   For my next child, I will most definitely be returning to David for his assistance; though we won’t wait so long next time!  We highly recommend considering IRA, especially to those wanting to go the natural route and avoid being medically induced.

Tanya and Tim