I first came to Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture (IRA) when I was pregnant with my third child.  I was experiencing substantial hip pain making it uncomfortable to walk, exercise, and sleep.  After a disappointing experience with a prenatal massage at a local spa, I sought out IRA in hopes of relief.  As soon as I entered IRA, I was very comfortable with the set-up, friendliness, and atmosphere.  Sandra was very attentive to my pain concerns and not only alleviated much of the pain with massage, but also taught me some appropriate stretches to help!  I felt so much better after my visit; I was able to sleep better and continue with my exercise regimen. Unlike my experience at the spa, I felt Sandra and the staff at IRA genuinely cared for my concerns–that I was not just a ‘sale’, no one pushed lotions or services that I didn’t need.  I couldn’t believe it took me until my third pregnancy to seek out Sandra at IRA!  I do recommend IRA and specifically Sandra to my friends and family when they are looking for a quality massage therapist!