By the time I found David through a brochure at my fertility doctor’s office, I had a five year history with trying to conceive using Follistim.  In that time, I had one child, but a series of recent miscarriages that meant I was emotionally ready to only try one more time.  I had a long history with PCOS and needed fertility drugs to induce ovulation.  In addition, I never had a regular menstrual cycle during my adult life.  Knowing that this would be my last attempt to conceive, I started to see David weekly to prepare my body the best that I could for conception.  What I didn’t expect was that I received a spontaneous menstrual cycle 6 weeks after treatment started.  My body proceeded to have consecutive menstrual cycles a month apart.  I felt like my body was finally behaving like it should, and I was much better positioned to go into another round of fertility drugs.  Sure enough, the “last” attempt was successful and I delivered successfully 9 months later.

Of course, not only do I have David to thank for the effective treatments,  but I always looked forward to our sessions given his caring and compassionate demeanor.  It provided an hour of peace each week while trying to navigate a stressful time.  Thank you David!