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A 28 year old woman had been trying unsuccessfully for 3 years to conceive when she first came to our clinic. She had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and had been taking Metformin for the previous 10 months. She had gone through 1 Clomid cycle with timed intercourse and 2 Clomid and IUI cycles which had all failed. She had very irregular menstrual cycles in which she could go as long as 9 months between periods.

She wanted to try to regulate her menstrual cycles naturally and take a break from any more Clomid cycles. She agreed to come in for weekly acupuncture treatments and to try a herbal supplement called Chiroin which can be very successful in treating polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Although she hadn’t had a period in approximately 4 months she started spotting after her first acupuncture treatment and started a period 3 days later. She came in for weekly acupuncture treatments over the next 3 weeks, while continuining the herbal supplement, and became pregnant that very first treatment cycle. She continued with prenatal acupuncture treatments throughout her pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.