Postpartum Massage

New moms often feel overwhelmed both physically and emotionally. The thought of having to squeeze a massage appointment into an already busy schedule can seem out of the question and over indulgent.  But our Postpartum Massage not only relieves the physical discomforts of childbirth and newborn care, but can support your emotional state as well.


Our 60 minute Postpartum Massage can:

  • Provide deep relaxation
  • Bring relief to sore muscles such as shoulder and neck pain from carrying and breastfeeding a baby
  • Help to reduce fluid retention
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Relieve the incidence of postpartum depression

We even make house calls for established patients!

Read more on the benefits of a postpartum massage on the American Pregnancy Association’s website.


When I was pregnant with my second baby I was referred to Sandra through a friend in my prenatal yoga class.  I had received prenatal massages from various spas around Indianapolis and never felt like they addressed the aches and pains of pregnancy; they were just “fluff.”  During my first appointment at Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture, I was immediately impressed with Sandra and walked away feeling relief.  She is extremely knowledgeable in pre- and postnatal body changes, restrictions, and areas of need and spends time talking with you before your massage to identify what areas to focus on.  Following delivery of my daughter, I was having a lot of upper back, neck, and shoulder pain from nursing and she took the time to try special pillows and identify stretches to help me between appointments.  She is very dedicated and continually seeks new techniques and knowledge to benefit her clients.  I am now 1 year postpartum and still see Sandra every month.  She is fantastic and I highly recommend her!