Pregnancy Testimonials

Looking for a Quality Massage Therapist?

I first came to Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture (IRA) when I was pregnant with my third child.  I was experiencing substantial hip pain making it uncomfortable to walk, exercise, and sleep.  After a disappointing experience with a prenatal massage at a local spa, I sought out IRA in hopes of relief.  As soon as I entered IRA, I was very comfortable with the set-up, friendliness, and atmosphere.  Sandra was very attentive to my pain concerns and not only alleviated much of the pain with massage, but also taught me some appropriate stretches to help!  I felt so much better after my visit; I was able to sleep better and continue with my exercise regimen. Unlike my experience at the spa, I felt Sandra and the staff at IRA genuinely cared for my concerns–that I was not just a ‘sale’, no one pushed lotions or services that I didn’t need.  I couldn’t believe it took me until my third pregnancy to seek out Sandra at IRA!  I do recommend IRA and specifically Sandra to my friends and family when they are looking for a quality massage therapist!


Extremely Knowledgeable in Pre and Postnatal Body Changes

When I was pregnant with my second baby I was referred to Sandra through a friend in my prenatal yoga class.  I had received prenatal massages from various spas around Indianapolis and never felt like they addressed the aches and pains of pregnancy; they were just “fluff.”  During my first appointment with Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture, I was immediately impressed with Sandra and walked away feeling relief.  She is extremely knowledgeable in pre- and postnatal body changes, restrictions, and areas of need and spends time talking with you before your massage to identify what areas to focus on.  Following delivery of my daughter, I was having a lot of upper back, neck, and shoulder pain from nursing and she took the time to try special pillows and identify stretches to help me between appointments.  She is very dedicated and continually seeks new techniques and knowledge to benefit her clients.  I am now 1 year postpartum and still see Sandra every month.  She is fantastic and I highly recommend her!


IRA Helped Us Keep Our Wish to Deliver Naturally

My husband and I could not be more pleased with the results from our acupuncture visit with David Youran.  After our baby’s due date had passed, and being 41 1/2 weeks pregnant, our hospital was urging us to medically induce labor.  Wanting so badly to have a natural labor, we were more than willing to explore alternatives to avoiding induction; including acupuncture, which we had never tried before.  We had heard positive things about this natural process from others, but were still unsure if it would actually work for us; and if it would work within one visit or if we would need more.  With 42 weeks fast approaching, time was of the essence in order to achieve a natural birth.  Sure enough, a day and half after my first session with David, my water broke and I delivered a happy and healthy baby boy 5 hours later!  David was wonderful and pleasant to work with and made my first acupuncture experience very calming and stress-free.   For my next child, I will most definitely be returning to David for his assistance; though we won’t wait so long next time!  We highly recommend considering IRA, especially to those wanting to go the natural route and avoid being medically induced.

Tanya and Tim

Feeling Healthy and Relaxed with Regular Massage

I was of “advanced maternal age” when I first became pregnant, but sadly this was an ectopic pregnancy.  When I expressed interest in trying to naturally increase my chances of a healthy conception and pregnancy, my OB recommended seeing David.  I became pregnant within a few months of starting acupuncture and transitioned to prenatal massage with Sandra for the duration of my pregnancy.  I believe seeing her regularly for massage had a large part in my feeling healthy and relaxed during this exciting time.  I even had taught my husband some of Sandra’s massage techniques to use on me while in labor!  I strongly recommend the use of both IRA’s acupuncture and prenatal massage services as ways to support the pre-conception experience as well as the pregnancy journey.


Preeclampsia Scare and Edema

I was 38 weeks pregnant with significant edema and no sign of labor anytime soon (I was having no contractions and I was not dilated at all). My OB was already talking induction, as I was borderline pre-eclampsic with a protein level of 260 and moderately high blood pressure. I visited IRA a total of three times. I had never had acupuncture before and didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised to feel something immediately. During each acupuncture session, my baby was more active than usual, which was exciting. 

After the first acupuncture treatment, I had my protein levels checked again and the lab could only find “trace amounts”. My blood pressure had also returned to normal so my OB backed off the talk of induction. With a new sense of calm, I decided to treat myself to a prenatal massage. My lower legs, feet and ankles were so severely swollen that it hurt and had limited range of motion. I just wanted a bit of relief before I went into labor. I had an appointment with Sandra, who was miraculously able to massage the swelling out of my feet and ankles in just one session. It was an amazing difference and it was wonderful to be able to move my toes again! The massage kept my swelling at bay for about a week. A nasty side-effect of the long labor was that my swelling returned with a vengeance. I called Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture and made an appointment with Sandra, who graciously came to the hospital to give me a massage. I couldn’t be happier with the results of both the acupuncture and massage treatments I received. IRA is amazing!


IRA Supported My Ability to Go Into Labor on My Own

I was extremely pleased with the service and results I received from my treatment with David at Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture. I was eight days past my due date with my second child, and was regrettably scheduled to be induced the next day. Within hours of my treatment with David, my contractions increased in frequency and strength and my body started to go into labor on its own just hours before the scheduled induction! Less than a day later I had a healthy delivery and a very happy family. I truly believe that the acupuncture prepared and prompted my body to “get things moving” and I am so grateful that the whole team at Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture supported my ability to go into labor on my own. Thank you!


I Was More Than Ready to Meet my Little Guy!

I was at the 39 1/2 week mark in my pregnancy and was more than ready to meet my little guy! A neighbor referred me to David and had wonderful things to say so I thought I would give the acupuncture a try to see if we couldn’t “get things moving” as they say. I saw David on a Monday and late Tuesday I was in labor. The session was incredibly relaxing. David was extremely knowledgeable and personable. I would highly recommend a session at Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture for anyone who is ready to meet their baby and I will certainly be back for another visit in the future!


Breech Presentation of My Second Child

I came to David Youran during my 36th week of pregnancy for a breech presentation of my second child. I work as a labor/delivery nurse and had heard acupuncture could assist in encouraging the baby to “turn”. An OB-GYN I work with at my hospital recommended David. I had 2 appointments with David within the same week followed by an ultrasound with my OB on Friday of that week. Ultrasound confirmed my baby had turned! The acupuncture was very relaxing atmosphere. I was so happy that I was able to avoid a c-section. I would highly recommend his practice, he is an excellent practitioner.