After two and a half years of unsuccessful treatments, my husband I decided to try IVF. When our nurse suggested we couple that treatment with acupuncture, we didn’t blink an eye – if anything could help, we’d try it.

After meeting with David, sharing our story and beginning the treatments, I soon realized he was the only person we had run into along the journey that provided the positive, energetic and focused attention we needed. He was also the only person who believed that in a short period of time, we would be pregnant. Our hopes had been crushed so many times that we forgot what it was like to think something might work.

And it did. After one IVF treatment, we found out we were expecting! I continued to work with David a couple of times a month for relaxation and pain management. We welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby into the world just a few weeks ago.

I am so grateful for the confidence and support that David and his staff provided along the way. I have and would recommend Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture to anyone struggling with fertility issues.