Therapeutic Massage

Our Therapeutic Massage is a session tailor-made for you.  Whether you are looking for pain relief or relaxation, Sandra will work with you to help you plan your session and achieve your goals.  Sessions may be full body or may focus on specific areas (i.e. the back or neck and shoulders).  Elements of our Therapeutic Massage may be added into our Prenatal  or Postpartum Massage at your request to address specific concerns.


Concerns that may benefit from Therapeutic Massage include:

•  Headaches
•  Sciatic pain
•  Fibromyalgia
•  Plantar fasciitis
•  Limited mobility issues
•  Helps to increase blood and lymphatic circulation
•  Stress reduction


I came to IRA after being in agony for over a year.  I had a C6-7 nerve impingement, giving me extreme back pain and shoulder fatigue.  Sandra took the time and listened to my issues and developed a plan to stretch my muscles, and work through the imbalance to allow my muscles to have full range of motion.  She is extremely knowledgeable in the anatomy and gave me stretches to do at home.

Sandra is a lifesaver.  Most of my muscle pain/back pain is gone, however I still go to Sandra on a monthly basis for maintenance.  I have been to many massage therapists, physical therapists, and physiatrists and Sandra was the person who really made the difference.

I would highly recommend her and definitely will continue to be an ongoing client!!