Trying Naturally

Trying Naturally


Acupuncture is beneficial in preparing the body for pregnancy. Generally used at three specific times per month or cycle, the treatments help to regulate the hormones, increase egg quality, induce ovulation and prepare the uterus for implantation.

We recommend weekly acupuncture treatments for the first three weeks of the menstrual cycle if you are trying to conceive naturally. The second and third weeks of a woman’s cycle should be your most fertile time, and a treatment in the fourth week can help alleviate symptoms associated with your period.

Women trying naturally should be prepared to allow their bodies time to become more balanced. Usually, a change in symptoms is noticed during the first month or cycle. Symptoms such as cramping, bloating, mood changes, and breast tenderness generally become less severe. Women who are charting their Basal Body Temperature may notice a change in their temperatures as well. Three cycles is considered a good amount of time to regulate most cycles, however a specific treatment plan will be discussed during your first visit taking into account your specific situation and needs.

Acupuncture Treatment Protocol

Generally, we recommend treatment near days 7,14, and 21 for women trying to conceive naturally.

Day 7 Treatment:  Assists with egg development, maturation and quality by improving blood flow to the ovaries.

Day 14 Treatment:  Helps to facilitate ovulation and egg fertilization.

Day 21 Treatment:   Increases blood flow to the uterus to assist with embryo implantation and to improve the overall health and thickness of the endometrial lining.

While treatment on this schedule works for many of our patients, we understand that each woman’s cycle is unique. Many of our patients have irregular cycles or specific conditions which require a modification of this treatment protocol to receive the best benefit for your cycle. During your first appointment, a protocol will be developed for you individually and adjusted as needed throughout your cycle.